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Be Protected from Social Engineering Attacks

Download Our Report to Get Smart about the “PushBug” Campaign

One of the newest social engineering attacks, the “PushBug” campaign, is targeting users with a push notification that allows attackers to gain access to user activity virtually undetected. 


Learn more about PushBug and Indellible’s ongoing investigation into social engineering attacks using push notifications from malfeasant websites.

Get the Insights

Fill out the form below to access a download of the PushBug report.

PushBug: Uncovering a Large-Scale 8030 API Abuse Campaign

What You’ll Get With Your Download

A detailed breakdown of PushBug, including how it works, how it generates revenue, and why it is so poorly detected.


Information about what PushBug does to infiltrate user activity and data, and the risk social engineering campaigns like PushBug pose to organizations.


Recommendations for detection and eradication of the PushBug social engineering attack. This report is intended to raise awareness of the seriousness and potential impact of social engineering attacks like PushBug.

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