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Our Vision and Mission

At Indelible, we understand technical challenges, political minefields, and all the things that make security and IT hard. Our team has spent years in the trenches digging people out and bringing them into the modern age of security, while ruffling as few feathers along the way as possible.

Our team prides itself on being able to bring the best resources in the space to help solve problems for you and your team.

We are the people you call when everyone else tells you it can't be done.

We are Indelible.


Behind the Scenes



Partner and Cyber Lead

Since starting in security Christian has played in all the areas, working more assessments of every type he could anywhere he could find them. He broke into the market as a for hire freelancer, and went on to lead security teams at KPMG, one of the big four, as well as being a site lead for Foundstone responsible for designing and implementing security programs for the Fortune 5. Christian joined in the Indelible venture to better security for clients and spread best practices in a way that really solves the root problem, as opposed to just tackling the symptoms. Security is truly a passion of his, which is why he can also be found teaching on behalf of the SANS Institute.

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